Our Story

How Napa Jack began

In fall of 2019, my wife and daughter said we should make a trip to Napa. Because it was crush season and the fires had left most of Napa county without electricity, it was touch and go on whether we were going to make the trip, but at the last minute we decided to go. Without much notice, it was almost impossible to get private tastings; however, we were able to get one with Russell Bevan. My daughter told me that Russell has more 100 point wines than anyone else. Anyone who knows me knows that, for the most part, I don’t take anyone’s word without having proof; however; I agreed to go.

Well...that was the beginning.

When I met Russell it was love at first sight, and that was before I tasted his wines. Wait... it only gets better. I then met Stuart Lerner while he was hanging over the hopper watching the grapes get sorted and crushed. Me being “Curious Jack”, I got right into the process and said I wanted to help. We exchanged numbers and started to talk. The end result was this fabulous wine that Russell made for me and my friends. Not really thinking it would be sold commercially, I wanted a great wine that could be drunk with delicious food and enjoyed with close friends.

After all, what is life without great friends and great wine? My motto is work hard; play harder, and that’s what this wine represents. I always have caveats, and that is "Drink responsibly and please stay healthy." Please enjoy this wine as a testament to life and, as we say, L’ Chaim!

Napa Jack Wine

Tenacious, Zealous and Relentless.

Tenacious is a wine that lives up to its name. Of the three this is the most tannic and powerful. Black berry, plum and hints of coco, soar from the glass. While it is incredibly polished, it still has the weight and power to leave no doubt that it is Cabernet Sauvignon, in it’s raw, dynamic, pure from.

Zealous, is the silky, smooth sibling. While it has fabulous concentration and extraction, it is always light on its feet. The wines acidity keeps it on point, driving the fruit flavors of cherry, plum and raspberry preserves. As intoxicating as it is aromatically, your palate is attacked by waves of what feel to be velvet ball bearings cascading across your tongue. Zealous never loses it way, it is polished and fruit driven from the first sip to the last.

Then there is Relentless. Relentless is truly a gentelman’s wine. Suave from the second you pull it is cork, the color is almost black it is so concentrated. Wines of this color are normally incredibly phenolic and can overwhelm the back of your pallet, but not here. This is sophistication at a high level. It glides across the palate. Blueberry, cassis and boysenberry mingle, giving the wine amazing complexity and scents of fresh toast and mocha build as the wine opens up. Relentless is harmony perfected.

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